Sunday, November 26, 2006

We Made the Paper!!!

Small Blue Bottle Tree Growing on a Highland Porch

My dad called me this afternoon. He was excited because he read my name in Maggie Martin's column in the Sunday Shreveport Times. Keep reading... under the Deck the Halls 2006 headline we're the very last sentence..."Two pieces of art had everyone talking: Kathryn Usher's two bottle trees. (You can see them for yourself and buy to your heart's content through Jan. 6.)"

I need to craft some stationery and send Ms Martin a thank you note. Weeeee!


trudeau said...

Indeed, Usher, you more and more seem the Compleat Artist BlogLady.

Congrats on your blues.

Noma said...

Told you they were good.

Kathryn Usher said...

Trudeau and Noma, I write this with tears in my eyes (cause I'm a big baby) --- if it weren't for you two there would be no bottle trees or blogs from this gal. I seemed to have lost my way to art. And then I watched you both do what you do
and I said "gimme some of dat."

Thank you for your inspiration.

Noma said...

I have some funky new bottles for you, too.

And oh, yes, that's what Trudeau and I are about: making people cry.